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June 27, 2013


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Stock rules (Updated 1.7.2013)

Thu Jun 27, 2013, 4:32 AM
STOCK RULES- Read these, and the notes below carefully to avoid any misunderstanding:

1. Inform me when you have used my stock. You must provide me with a link to your art either via a comment or note.
2. Credit me in your artist's comments box on the deviation. Provide a link back to my account or to the original deviation. (Example: "Model: DaeStock" or "")
3. My model stock is restricted. YouMUSThave my permissionyou use my model stock IN ANY WAY outside of DeviantArt. Failure to do so will result in removal of your artwork. For more information see Outside Use below.
4. My stock must be sufficientlyedited.I reserve the right to tell you to remove any image that does not fulfill the requirements stated below.
5. Do not submit your art into the Photography gallery.
6. My stock is for art purposes only. It is not to be redistributed as a raw stock image,editedand resubmitted as stock, nor any of my rules or copyright infringed in any way. For what is and is not allowed see Usage and Tutorials/PS Actions/Resources/Line Art below.
7.Line Art offered for others to colour, PhotoShop Actions where my stock is the preview image, and Tutorials using my stock are to follow the instructions listed in Tutorials/PS Actions/Resources/Line Art below.

Bullet; PurpleYou can use my stock for any form of art you can think of, traditional and digital painting, drawing, sculpture, photomanipulation/photomontage.
Bullet; PurpleYou do not need my permission to use my stock within the bounds of DeviantArt, as long as you credit me and post a link back to the original picture.
Bullet; PurpleYou cannot resubmit my pictures as premade stock or a raw stock image.It is important to note that your art must be that. Art. It must be sufficientlyeditedotherwise I will get you to remove the image as a breach of rule 4.

Bullet; PurpleIf you wish to use my stock in any way outside of DeviantArt you must obtain my permission prior to posting it.
Bullet; PurpleYou must send your request in a note.
Bullet; PurpleYou must tell me where you want to post it and provide link to your profile on the said site.
Bullet; PurpleCredit must be provided with a link back to my account.
It is also important to note that I cannot give you permission for any of the models on this account other than myself.
Bullet; PurpleYou can find my pictures on, where they are used for sketch/drawing practice, and you can use them as such. I am aware that I am credited on those pictures, and I'll take no excuse on how you didn't know the original author, if you decide to post those sketches outside DA.

COMMERCIAL USE (as of 1st of July, 2013)
Bullet; PurpleYouMUSTacquire my permission prior to selling. Don't go ahead and do it and get my permission afterward.
Bullet; PurpleNote me with full details of your project. The more information the better. What image, used in what capacity, where, where it will be sold, in what numbers. This goes for digital andtraditionalmedium alike. (Use note format, not comment)
Bullet; PurpleI require credit to "Dan Stular" as a model if possible. I understand where it's not.
Bullet; PurpleTheft of my work (aka, selling it without my permission) will result in you paying me compensation.
Bullet; PurplePrints on DeviantArt do not apply to these rules. (Because it has always been that way.) Prints on other websites and sales of the original, however, do incur the fee.
Bullet; PurpleIMPORTANT: I can only sell you the pieces where I myself am the model. I cannot sell you anything if someone else has modelled for me.
Bullet; PurpleIMPORTANT: If you are after selling a collab piece youwill also require their permission.
Bullet; PurpleDeadlines. Ireply within a week ofreceivinga note.
Bullet; PurpleMoney is payable via my paypal: Again I stress, do not just send me the money straight away until we have actually come to an agreement.

Price for existing stock is 10 per image.

Making your art available as a print on DeviantArt is fine, you do not need my permission, unless you have done very little to the image (in which case, I will be asking you to remove it as it is insufficiently editted). For prints on other sites you need to get my consent.

My stock is not allowed to be edited and redistributed as a resource. (This includes premade backgrounds.) Tutorials, and PhotoShop Actions where my stock is the preview image must have my prior permission and you must clearly state that my stock is being used only as an example and it comes with my own set of rules. Credit me for stock.

You can use my stock to draw line art. However, if you allow other people to colour your lineart, you must state that they have to follow my rules also. I must be credited for the original reference, notified, and the rest of my rules adhered to.

I do not tolerate any kind of theft. Under no circumstances are you allowed to redistribute my raw stock image as a resource on ANY website, pass off my work as your own photography/art or upload to any image-sharing website.
Any artwork or image found to break any of my rules stated here I will get removed, if you refuse to delete any offending image yourself, I will take further action. If you are selling any of my stock without my prior permission I will take action and demand compensation for the theft of my images.

I don't take requests as such, but when I run out of ideas I do make request weeks where you can make requests and I shoot them at a later time. Since I am doing it for free, I'm not to be rushed. It may take me up to a year to shoot something, so be patient. If you miss the request week deadline and still wish to make a request... better luck next time.

If you wish to chat or view my other internet profiles, all you have to do is ask. Just know I'm not a very chatty person.

These short rules were shamelessly stolen from Tasastock and rigorously edited by yours truly.

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magaly Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
if i were to use an image in your gallery as reference for a drawing or a study, i would have to obtain permission from you before posting the drawing on my facebook fanpage or tumblr for example? even if it's being posted there without any sort of monetary profit?
DaeStock Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
If you were to post anything that is referencing my pictures outside DA, you'd have to obtain my permission. In other words, you ask me if you can, I ask you to also post it on DA and credit me on all the sites where it is used and that's it. I don't think I've ever turned anyone down, I just like to know where and how my images are used.
magaly Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
ok, from the wording it seems like permission has to be obtained for every website the image is posted on or every time it is used. just wanted to clarify. you have great stock images and i wanted to use some for studies.
DaeStock Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
And in theory it is exactly as you have said.  I do expect to be notified of where my stock is used and credited. But since you already told me where you would use it and did agree to credit me, it's not a problem.
magaly Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
awesome, thanks for taking the time to clear that up for me. i appreciate it.
ScarabDynasty1 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I have created an image using your stock here:… However it's unfinished, and I won't be uploading it to deviantart until it is. It's an image of a friend's character, so I would like to post the WIP on the forum where we frequent. Would this be acceptable usage for you? 
DaeStock Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
That is acceptable, would you mind showing me the WIP image though?
ScarabDynasty1 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot, and sure, the rough is here:… 
TreeClimber Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Read all your rules, and commercial use was worded in such a way, that its limited to digital works. What are your policies for traditional medium, that would be posted for sale?
DaeStock Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
I've read over the commercial use again, and I must disagree. If you want to use my image in your work, it will cost you 10€. For any further details you can drop me a note.
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